How to Turn a Vacation Home Into a Short-term Rental (and the Benefits of Doing So)


Transform Your Home Away From Home Into Someone’s Short-term Haven

When you aren’t buzzing around your holiday house, does it sit vacant until your next jet-setting getaway? Why not make a little extra income during the off-season by switching gears into a short-term rental? Here’s everything you need to know about transitioning your vacation home into a rental property and how it can benefit you. 

Why Rent?

It Won’t Affect Your Calendar

Turning your secondary residence into a short-term vacation rental doesn’t impede on your own plans to utilize the property. Because this isn’t a leased tenancy, you retain the flexibility to set your own rental schedule. 

You Can Manage From Afar

Don’t let fears of property management keep you from this profitable opportunity. There are a plethora of ways to maintain your vacation property from a distance, including hiring cleaning services and investing in home monitoring systems such as security cameras and smart thermostats like these options from Nest

Four Steps to Getting Started

1. Deep Clean

Starting with a clean slate is imperative for any rental property. Your space should cultivate a peaceful ambiance that welcomes guests into your home. 

2. Nix the Family Portraits

Because you’re marketing to the masses, it’s important to keep things professional. While this might seem unsettling at first since it is your property, after all, short-term rentals are getaway destinations for guests, and tasteful, impersonal decor is universally appealing. Plus, removing all family heirlooms protects your privacy. 

3. Supply Keyless Entry

Transitioning from a traditional key lock to keyless entry will help keep your home secure and make access easy for your guests. Although you will need to change access codes between guests, this type of secure entry is safer than making copies of a single key for guest use. Some deadbolts like the Kwikset 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt also provide the ability to make multiple passcodes. 

4. Find a Safe Place for Personal Items

While it’s best to remove anything with sentimental value from a rental unit, some things will need to stay at the property. Often these items include tools for home repairs, personal valuables, and even spare keys. Investing in a small safe is a great way to keep smaller personal items on sight for when you need them but out of the way when guests are on the premises. 
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