3 Security Updates for Your Short-term Rental


What You Need to Create a Secure and Safe Environment for You and Your Guests

Whether you’re leasing out a short-term rental to guests or living in one yourself, feeling protected is crucial to a seamless and excellent stay on both ends. This is where smart home tech steps in! Not only do these features make life in your short-term rental safer, but it frequently makes it more convenient as well. Here are a few gadgets and technologies that ensure a secure property and an effortless, safe stay. We promise — they’re worth the investment!


RemoteLock is a nifty gadget that allows you to secure your property from anywhere and at any time. With this wifi-enabled smart technology, you have complete control over all the doors and all the locks to your phone in one spot. The universal access control platform allows you to grant access to and know those who enter your property with credentials of your choosing, from self-expiring access codes and PINs to mobile access and prox cards. The system works on all entryway types, including residential doors, commercial doors, garage entries, and elevators. You can also keep tabs on your operations through analysis usage reports, which lets you see when entry codes are used. 


Want to be prepared and ready to spring into action if an emergency occurs? Lynx is a system that prevents potential emergencies by proactively monitoring and detecting leaks, smoke, and carbon monoxide. This system is an excellent tool because it allows you to get help and immediately alert personnel before a catastrophe occurs or an issue gets out of hand. You’ll never have to wonder if all of your safety systems are up to date, and you and your guests will be kept safe in return. Lynx also offers keyless entry and home automation for your thermostat!


If you haven’t heard of it already, Ring is a video doorbell that allows you to keep tabs on your property without intruding on the privacy of guests. They tend to be less expensive than other surveillance systems as well! What’s also nice about these types of devices is that you can greet guests by video when they arrive for the first time. A personal touch is everything!
If you are having guests in your short-term rental, be sure to explicitly let them know that you have these devices on the exterior of your home. 

Ready to Secure Your Short-term Rental?

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